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Understandability of decision table depending on the countries

In software testing, decision table is an useful tool to identify and list up test cases and what you should check in those test cases. In Japan, there is a standard for decision table: JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) X 0125:1986.

... But on the other hand, I’ve heard that in some countries, the decision table is not used for software testing. Additionally, they said they have explained why and how to use decision table to the developers in that countries, but the developers couldn’t understand why they use the table-format representation. More specifically, they said the developers in U.S. and Vietnam couldn’t understand the decision table, whereas the developers in China (and of course, Japan) could understand it without any difficulty.

I can’t guess it is caused by the personal skill level of those developers, by the culture they are on, or by the educational background of them (they can understand the decision table if they have written the Karnaugh diagrams, can’t they?). But this problem is very interesting for me...