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Parasoft Jtest can't ignore Lombok-generated methods/fields


When you execute static analysis Java sources with Lombok by using Parasoft Jtest, you have to delombok the sources because of Jtest can't handle Lombok's compile-time generated methods/fields.

Additionally, Jtest raise alerts with Lombok-generated methods/fields, like the field logger generated with @Slf4j annotation.


It seems to be by design.

Parasoft Jtest can handle generated code with comment like // parasoft-begin-suppress and // parasoft-end-suppress. But this feature is not supported by Lombok*1.

In Lombok side, delombok command can generate @lombok.Generated annotation to identify Lombok-generated methods/fields. But this feature is not supported by Jtest for now *2.


Just identify alerts for Lombok-generated codes by hands, and ignore them.


*2:We had send feature request multiple times since 2017, but it is not implemented in 2019