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野尻抱介「ふわふわの泉」読了。地元が舞台なので、前から読みたいと思っていたんだけど、まさか第1章で浜松の話は終わりとは…… というわけで、(元)地元民として気付いたポイントを挙げてみました。 舞台となる浜松西高校 なんで北高(市内でいちばん頭の…

Laggy network connection between host and guest with Hyper-V on Windows 10

Problem When using Hyper-v on Windows 10, network connection between host and guest stops intermittingly. You can ping from host to guest. Ping causes "Request timed out" intermittingly. Ping losses around 10% of packets. Symptom doesn't c…