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How to convert from ADIF AAC to another format (ffmpeg and libav can't handle it)


You have some AAC ADIF files and you want to convert them into MP3 (and the like) format.


ffmpeg and libav don’t (and will never) support ADIF AAC files because it is “bad format”.


You can convert an ADIF AAC files into a ordinary (handled with ffmpeg) .m4a file with this adif2mp4.exe on this page:

If you use Ubuntu Linux 16.04, you can run adif2.exe from Wine 1.6.2 (installed from Ubuntu 16.04 apt repository). For example, you can convert all *.AAC files in current directory into .m4a format:

$ for i in *.AAC; do wine ../bin/adif2mp4.exe $i `basename $i .AAC`.m4a; done

Once the files are converted to .m4a format, you can handle them with ffmpeg like this:

$ for i in *.m4a; do ffmpeg -i $i `basename $i .m4a`.mp3; done