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Bad designs in EC-Council ASPEN

Some of EC-Council ASPEN page designs are very annoying...

"Reset Password" screen

The instruction says: "Password length should be 8-20, should consist a lower case letter(a-z), an uppercase letter(A-Z), a number(0-9) and a special character".
Expected Behavior:
The password like "Red-Sort-Ice-1" should not acceptable.
Actual Behavior:
The password like "Red-Sort-Ice-1" is not acceptable.
I had to contact the support chat to reset my password.

"Manage My Events" screen

The format string of "Event Date" and "Event Submission Date" should be congruous.
Expected Behavior:
Both of "Event Date" and "Event Submission Date" should be "2019-05-16" or "05-17-2019".
Actual Behavior:
"Event Date" looks like "2019-05-16", while "Event Submission Date" looks like "05-17-2019".

"Add Event" screen

You should put event detail in "Add Event" screen.
Expected Behavior
You can use special characters like doller, slash, exclamation mark, question mark, hash sign, ampersand, etc.
Actual Behavior
You can use only minus(-), at(@), underscore(_), period(.), and comma(,) as special characters. You cannot use other special characters. YOU EVEN CANNOT USE NEWLINE! Note: also you cannot pasete non-ascii characters (e.g. Japanese) from clipboard, but you can put them from IME.