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any area of interest of focus (from Wikipedia) (2)


  • "area of interest" は 軍事で使われる言葉らしい 。訳は「関心地域」。その意味する概念がどういうものかは不明。
  • "interest of focus" でググると引っかかるのは 204 件。中には次のような文が見つかる。文頭で "In the interest of focus," とするのが多いみたい。

His primary interest of focus is environmental microbiolog, specifically focusing on bacterial source.

In the interest of focus, we describe here the layout of structure data and type information that we have in mind.

In the interest of focus, if you have a comment, please pre-pend it with the above subject and put one comment/issue/resolution per email.

I set it entirely and completely aside about ten years ago in the interest of focus.